Simon Hogg: career memories

It was fantastic playing for Bristol. I felt fortunate I was brought up in Bristol and I was able to play for my home club with a lot of good players, throughout the ‘80s mainly. As a youngster I used to love coming down here to watch with my Dad, I used to enjoy watching Bristol play - and my best playing memory has to be winning the 1983 Cup Final (against Bath) with the lads.

Growing up watching Bristol, particularly the backs, made me want to play for them, but I also played cricket and knew with Tony Nicholls, he was a fly half and used to play running rugby here. I used to like watching Phil Hughes and Alan Morley, particularly Alan because he’s the world record try scorer. I enjoyed watching him play; I also enjoyed playing with - and getting abuse from – him!

It’s fantastic if the current generation get to play as young lads; I mean everyone is a little bit fitter and a bit stronger than we were. I’m lucky I teach at school and I see lads growing up and playing all the time and it would be great if they can break in and play for Bristol.

Simon Hogg

Memory added on May 15, 2014

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