Mike Ellery: career memories


I’ve some great memories from my twelve years at the club, Bristol regularly being in the top three of the Daily Telegraph Merit Table (before the League systems), being the top try scorer (44 in a season) and some great away trips.

I remember stopping off at the Dirty Duck at Stratford-upon-Avon on our way back from Leicester, one Christmas Eve. The Manager was Ben Shepherd; a great supporter of the Club. After a very good meal, somehow Roger Groat ended up in a boat – the lads pushed him off, in the dark – and left him floating down the river. He got back home safely, in time for Christmas, but he wasn’t too happy!

Mike Ellery

Memory added on May 15, 2014

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Even as a school chum Mike Ellery was a gentleman.....Nothing to do with rugby but during the WWII years I bought pet rabbits from his father Bill. As we parted for different schools and then Military Service Mike is someone I never forgot................

– JOHN HOLMES, April 24 2016 at 03:44

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