Roger Swaffield: 1973, London Welsh v. Bristol, John Player Cup

I’m a Bristolian and played for Old Cothamians before I played for Bristol from ’69 to ’76.

My favourite memory was the game against London Welsh – who had about 13 Welsh Internationals - at Old Deer Park in the semi-final of the John Player Cup in 1973. We were losing at half time but came away with a really hard fought win. Unfortunately, in the final at Twickenham, our Captain John Pullin suffered a serious knee injury immediately after kick off and had to leave the field. As this was before replacements were permitted at club level, we continued with 14 men, but lost to Coventry, despite a courageous effort by the rest of the team. It was a great time though and a great team.

Roger Swaffield

Bristol won the semi-final against London Welsh 18-15 but lost the final to Coventry 27-15

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