Andy Blackmore: career memories

I made my debut playing for Bristol in ‘84; it was fantastic because I was born in Bristol, it was an amateur sport and it was wonderful to have an opportunity to play with my friends and to represent my city; I loved every minute of it.

Playing the game - and playing it well - was always very important to me. You’d win some and you lose some, but like today, meeting up with the lads I played with, the socialising with your friends and family afterwards was really important. It’s harder to remember the games themselves but you don’t forget the people you played with and the memories and experiences you shared with them, stays with you.

Playing rugby is more than just turning up on match day. I feel very lucky, being from Bristol that I had the opportunity to grow up playing and socialising with my mates; my son now plays for my local club, Bristol Saracens and the friendships he’s made, the ‘craic’, having a beer and a laugh with your mates there is the same as here at Bristol – it just that the players here are a bit better!

Andy Blackmore

Memory added on May 15, 2014

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