Phil Adams: career memories

I played for Bristol from 1985 – 1999, then I became Team Manager for five seasons until they dropped out of the Premiership, then I got sacked! I’ve got very fond memories – people in rugby get older; but the banter remains the same.

You just walk in the gates here at the Memorial Ground and you feel something different, you feel special – it’s a rugby institution and I love it. I wasn’t necessarily the best player, but I got so much out of it, I made really good, lifelong friends in and out of the Club. Nowadays, the modern players get more money and more kudos, but do they get the sheer enjoyment I got out of the game? We trained hard and played hard but then went out on the rip afterwards – you need that bond. It’s a unique experience.

My best memory was in 1990 when I was the Player of the Year at Bristol. I was named Man of the Match - and then presented with Player of the Year award at the Club dinner after the game. A very proud moment, I’ll never forget that.

My worst memory was paying for the first team here against Wasps – and I got sent off in the first minute! My dad was about 3 minutes late getting to the ground that day, he sat in the stands and asked the chap next to him ‘Where’s Phil Adams?’ only to be told ‘he’s already been sent off’.

It’s very special when you come back to the Memorial Ground – great memories. I was absolutely delighted to have the privilege of playing for Bristol.

Phil Adams

Memory added on May 15, 2014

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