Dave Woodward: career memories

I’m really enjoying today’s game – Bristol are playing a very ‘open’ type of rugby; which is similar to the game played in the ‘60s and ‘70s – good to see.

One of my favourite playing memories was when I scored a try at Twickenham against Harlequins – that was something very special.

In those days it was very much a social game – just a 5 minute break between halves and a quarter orange standing on the pitch at half time – so 85 minutes out on the pitch. It was really good ‘craic’ before the game, whilst travelling up together for away matches – and certainly after. It’s much more professional these days –now the boys have to be very careful not to put a food wrong.

We were all very much amateurs before the professional game started in the mid-90s. Very few of the lads were married – we were mostly single, working all week and then playing every Saturday. The disco era had just started then, so after every game the girls would be up in the clubhouse and all the boys had their blazers and ties - and we thought we were the bee’s knees! We’ve had some fantastic times here - and some great memories.

However, things progress and we can’t turn back the clock and although I know we’d all love to still be playing in the Memorial Ground, that’s not going to be possible; hopefully we can move in to the Premiership with a new ground, fit for a new era of success.

Dave Woodward

Memory added on May 15, 2014

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