Heather Brown: the childhood Wilderspool experience

I have watched Warrington for 35 years since I was age 4. My little sister had been born and Mum packaged me 'off to the match' with my Dad, Uncle and Grandad. Little did she know it would become my passion and as a little girl in 1978 I was quite on my own sat amongst the men in the stand at Wilderspool. It brings some of my favourite childhood memories and I treasure those times holding Dad's hand in the crowds after a game. Now I look after my Dad at home games as he struggles with the steps, there's a strange kind of irony that comes with that.

Ill always remember my Grandad tipping 'That young lad Mike Gregory, you watch him Heather he'll be a good un' it's such a shame Grandad died before he could watch him at his best. So I always held a soft spot for him RIP Grandad and Mike. X

Now we have the success at the club I've always dreamed of and I've always been a home and away fan. I'm enjoying the good times as I guess we all are however I am 'Wire til I die' so I'll be on the terraces whatever the result.

I love the comraderie that supporting a team brings and adrenaline rush of a big derby game, it's always the first thing I think of on a 'game day'.

So now to the future for Wire 'Lupus non Mordet Lupum' or 'A wolf never bites another wolf' great motto for a great time.

May the success long continue.

C'mon the WIRE.

Heather Brown


Warrington Wolves v Hull FC Superleague memories game 17th May 2013

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