Wolfie: my Wilderspool matchday experience

Although I am Warrington born and bred my early years were spent living on the south coast so getting to watch a game at Wilderspool was far and few between. My early memories were of the atmosphere in the Fletcher Street end and the banter that went on. It wasn't until my family and I moved back to God's country just before Superleague that I was able to have specific memories of the players like Mike Gregory, Jiffy, Alan Bateman, the list goes on.

I remember thinking it must be fantastic to walk out of the tunnel to see and hear a passionate crowd. Little did I know that I was to experience that feeling myself when Superleague came about and the introduction of Mascots followed i.e. Wolfie.

So my best memories are in regard to what I saw and heard from the pitch not only the crowd but the game as well. I can remember certain bone crunching tackles as well as the banter from the crowd. The Wilderspool pitch was so close to the crowd that I got the best of both worlds and love that part of what I did.

I shall never forget some of action I saw involving the likes of Langer, Gee, Nikau etc. I am very privileged to say that I have experienced the Wilderspool passion and I still am with our new home at the HJ



Warrington Wolves v Hull FC Superleague memories game 17th May 2013

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