Paul Cullen: 2003, last match at Wilderspool

Sport is about winning and it is about preparing to win, planning what you are going to do when you win and also what you do if you don’t win. I’ve never been involved in a game before where the whole focus was on not losing. It might not sound a lot, but it was huge. There was no way on this earth we were going to lose the final game at Wilderspool. We played against Wakefield Trinity, who were a very reasonable side at the time. It was far more than just another game of Rugby League. The sport was almost irrelevant that day, apart from we couldn’t lose the match. The day was all about the families, the passion, the memories, the love of the club and the community around it.

Paul Cullen

Warrington won the last match played at Wilderspool, beating Wakefield Trinity 52-12

Comment added by Anon May 10 2013: Can't remember if I was actually at that final Wilderspool game, Paul. I was living abroad at the time, but I did nip back for one of the final home games and then definitely watched the Wakey match on some form of recording. In any case, you've summed up the general vibe around the club at that time really well.


Warrington Wolves v Hull FC Superleague memories game 17th May 2013

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