Rocky Turner: my debut, an injury and Les Boyd deals with St. Helens

My second game for the reserves was at Leigh. Des Drummond was playing for us that day and he said to me, as a young player, be wary of their number 9, he’s a very dirty player. I took that on board and second half, I made a break and next thing I knew was when I woke up on the floor of the changing rooms having my mouth stitched up! Their number 9 had completely cleaned me out. A nice introduction to the game….

My first team debut was a night match against one of the Australian sides. I was told the day before that I’d be making my debut. There was a great atmosphere at Wilderspool and it was an incredibly fast game. We got beat but it was a fantastic experience none the less.

A couple of games later we were at St Helens. Les Boyd was playing with a very young set of forwards. Within five minutes there was a scrum down, some of the younger lads were getting injured. Les just said to the St Helen’s players, “right which of you are going to take me on then?” and he did just that, he played a phenomenal game and was named man of the match Rocky Turner


Warrington Wolves v Hull FC Superleague memories game 17th May 2013

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