Tyrone McCarthy: scoring at Wembley and becoming a Rugby League player

I’ve two memories I’d like to share, one as a fan and one as a player. My older brother signed for the club at the age of 13, I was only 7 and by the age of eight or nine, I’d decided I wasn’t much good at football so would give rugby a try, that’s when I really got interested. It was my brother who really inspired me to pursue a career in rugby, he chose to go a different route when he was twenty but he had a big influence on me. One of my favourite matches was watching us play at Wilderspool and beating Bradford by 50 points. Allan Langer was great to watch and one of my heroes as I grew up.

As a player, it has to be scoring a try at Wembley in last season’s Challenge Cup final against Leeds Rhinos. Leading up to the try, I pretty much followed the ball around and it then popped up to me about a metre out from the try line, so all I had to do was dive over and score. It was one of the greatest feelings I know I’ll ever have and a memory I know I will enjoy looking back on when I’m older. It was the third time we’d won the trophy in the last four years. After the game all our families joined in a party back at the hotel, it was a nice, chilled time and lovely to have everyone around us.

Being able to play the game professionally is a huge honour, sometimes with the ups and downs of the game you can lose sight of that, but I get to spend the week running round training with twenty or thirty mates and then go out and try to win at the weekend. Not many people get to fulfil the dream they have when they are young, it is a pretty special feeling.

Tyrone McCarthy

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Warrington Wolves v Hull FC Superleague memories game 17th May 2013

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