Alex Winpenny: Huddersfield v. Batley


It’s not necessarily the flashes of brilliance that stick in your mind but the things that go wrong.

One of my memories was of a match we lost against Batley. We were losing 2-0 on a glue pot of a pitch when Ken Senior intercepted a pass and went flying down the wing for the corner from our 25 yard line. He put his head back and went for it, but he hadn’t seen the Batley second row forward charging across from the opposite side of the field. It was like watching a train smash coming. You could see what was going to happen but you hoped it wasn’t going to happen; all Ken had to do was stop, check and cut inside straight to the post that would have been a match-winning try. But he never saw the guy coming and was smashed into the railings and the match was lost 2-0.

Huddersfield was a better side than Batley, on paper, but because of the conditions one goal kick won the match for them.

Alex Winpenny


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